Mailing Services

Frequently Asked Questions

The Mailing Services Department is a contract US Postal Station. We offer all of the normal USPS functions including standard mail, Priority Mail, and Express Mail. We offer a variety of stamps available for purchase, as well as printed metering for on-campus departments. We are a pickup and drop off point for all student packages.

How do I properly address a letter or package to a Faculty member, Staff member, or a Student on Campus?

(individual building address listing)

3800 Victory Parkway
Dorm and Room Number
Cincinnati, OH 45207

Building Address ML
Cincinnati, OH 45207

How does my student (son or daughter) receive mail or packages that are sent to them?

Students are sent an email (to their Xavier email address) daily for any packages or mail that arrive addressed to them. Mail (letters, small items) is placed in a numbered high-density folder which is included in the notification email. 


Where can I obtain a U.S. passport?

There are many post offices located throughout Cincinnati that offer passport services. Additional information regarding, obtaining, or renewing a passport can be obtained online.


What forms of tender may be used within the Mail Center?

We currently accept cash, check, credit/debit, and X Cash.


Can my student have groceries delivered to the Mail Center?

The Mail Center does not have the capacity to receive groceries. However, students can make arrangements to receive their own groceries delivered to them directly. Please give them a contact number so they may deliver.