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Social Justice: Gender Equity in Concert Programming

Benjamin A. Chamberlain, D.M.A.
Mentor: James Wood, Ph.D.


The Ignatian Mentoring Program facilitated dialogue with Dr. Wood and reflection on teaching, which led directly to changes in my programming for Xavier's Symphonic Wind Ensemble. I was aware of the gender equity issue facing classical music, but not until I examined our 2015-2017 repertory did I fully realize that I had a potent opportunity and responsibility to be part of a social justice solution. Xavier University shares with the Society of Jesus "commitment to a faith that does justice through . . . a creative engagement with culture."[1] I accepted this as an invitation to purposeful action, creating an approach to programming as an issue of social justice.

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Incorporating Discernment into a Music Course

Kaleel Skeirik, Ph.D.
Mentor: Maggie King, Ph.D. (Nursing)

A model of academic learning that uses music to link traditional academic content (intellectual primary and secondary source data plus critical analysis) to the process an individual uses in forming values and moral decisions made through the application of the Ignatian discernment process.

Kaleel Skeirik, Ph.D.  teachingThere is a long history that speaks to the power of music to move people, from the story of the Walls of Jericho in the Bible to the settings of Wilfred Owen's poetry by Benjamin Britten in his "War Requiem." Yet, all too often the music instructor, the published texts and the scholarly histories go out of their way to remain "scientific," adhering to the rigors of excellent musicological standards when teaching students about music.

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