Legal Studies

The Legal Environment of Business (Business Law 300)

Ann Marie Tracey, J.D.
Mentor: Bob Ahuja, DBA (Marketing)

Description Ann Marie Tracey, J.D.

The Williams College of Business Mission Statement provides that, "We educate students of business, enabling them to improve organizations and society, consistent with the Jesuit tradition." The structure and subject matter of the course already reflects a hearty consistency with the Ignatian philosophy of teaching. BLAW 300 strives to fulfill the WCB Mission Statement by exposing students to both the legal and ethical aspects of business. Course topics include: (1) jurisprudence and the court system, (2) business ethics, (3) business crimes, (4) contracts, (5) torts, (6) business organizations and (7) diversity issues in business. Understanding this business material is critical for managers to successfully navigate the legal challenges they will face during their career. Viewing the material through both legal and ethical perspectives is consistent with the Jesuit tradition.

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