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Crest on the front of Bellarmine ChapelCatholic Videos

See videos featuring Fr. Michael Graham SJ, Xavier University President, Marie Giblin, Ph.D., former chair of the Theology Department at Xavier University talk about Catholic Education and Christianity-Catholicism and more.

discernment.jpgDiscernment Videos  

See videos featuring Fr. Michael Sheeran SJ, Regis University President and Br. Darrell Burns SJ from Xavier University talk about Letting the Light Through and Principles of Ignatian Discernment and more.

diversity.jpgDiversity Videos

See videos featuring Dr. Christopher Pramuk, Peter Hans Kolvenbach as they discuss Ignatian spirituality through topics such as Ignatian Spirituality and Race: Partial Blindness, Religious Plurality and Faith, and Diversity and Consumption Consciousness, and more.

faith--politics.jpgFaith and Politics Videos

See videos featuring Dr. Greg Smith and Dr. Gene Beaupre from Xavier University as they talk about The American Dream and How Faith Affects Politics.

131031_0070.jpgFaith Traditions Videos

See videos featuring Shakila Ahmed of the Islamic Center of Greater Cincinnati, Abby King-Kaiser of Xavier University, and Salem Foad M.D. from Xavier University's Board of Trustees as they talk about Islam, Multifaith Ministry and Ignatian Spirituality, Human Dignity and Gender, and more.

heartland-delta-1.jpgHeartland-Delta VI Videos

See videos featuring John L. Allen, Sr. Kathleen Erickson, RSM, and Larry Gillick SJ as they speak at the Heartland-Delta VI Conference held at Xavier University from May 25-28, 2010. The videos include topics such as A Future Not Yet Our Own, The Invisible Have a Voice: The Call From Society's Margins, and An Ignatian Invitation: Look Within, Reach Beyond.

heartland-delta-2.jpgHeartland-Delta VII Videos

See videos including Fr. Michael Sheeran SJ's Opening Remarks, Conference Greetings from Each University and more. The conference was held on Thursday, May 28, 2015 at Xavier University.

ignatian-spirituality.jpgIgnatian Spirituality Videos

See videos that include a 4 minute Daily Examen, a 17 minute Daily Examen with a Body Consciousness Mediation, Holly Schapker - an artist and Xavier University alumna, and more.

120522_0044.jpgJesuit Education Videos

See videos that discuss Keeping Ignatian Heritage Alive with Fr. Michael J. Graham SJ, President of Xavier University, Student Orientation and the Mission with Leah Busam-Klenowski and Nick Rivera, The Future of Jesuit Education with George Traub SJ, and more.

jesuit-ethics.jpgJesuit Ethics Videos

See videos about Jesuit Ethics including Stefano Bittasi SJ, Kevin Burke SJ, Christopher Collins SJ, and more.

170131_0237.jpgJesuit Heritage & Values 

See videos about St. Francis Xavier, A Modern View of His Life and Work, Men and Women for Others, Values Based Leadership, and more.

130913_0004.jpgSustainability Videos

See videos on Addressing Climate Change with Archbishop Celestino Migliore, Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, and Responding to Climate Change with Dr. Jame Schaefer - Associate Professor of Theology at Marquette University.

videos-of-women.jpgVideos on Women

See videos on Women's Future in Afghanistan with Farooka Gauhari, author of Searching for Saleem: An Afghan Woman's Odyssey, Women at Xavier with Pat Woeste - Assistant Dean for the College of Professional Sciences at Xavier University, and more.