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Information for International Students & Scholars regarding current COVID-19 emergency

*This page will be updated as new information becomes available; this situation is dynamic and things will change.



  1. Is my immigration status (F1 or J1 students) at risk because of XU’s move to online classes for the rest of the semester? 
    • XU’s move to online courses will not impact your immigration status, as long as you remain registered for a full course load and engaged in classes. Students can continue to take courses from their home countries without risk to their immigration status.
      • As long as they maintain status as noted above, students who will continue studies after the spring semester can return to the U.S., when conditions allow it, using the same I-20.
      • This is assuming the I-20’s program end date has not passed, and the student has a valid visa and passport, and the student intends to return and engage in a full course of study. 
      • Typically there is a rule that students who spend more than 5 months out of the country are not able to return on the same I-20/visa. This rule has been temporarily waived during the COVID-19 national emergency. In other words, the 5 month rule will not apply to students who are taking classes remotely through the end of Spring 2020 semester.

If you return home, please alert CIE by emailing

  1. I plan to stay in the US but not at my regular local address (I moved in with family/friends). Do I need to tell anyone?
    • You must notify Tsvety Karaivanova within 10 days from the move. You can email your new address information to or update it thru the Self-Service portal in the student hub. Make sure to enter the new address as “local” even if it isn’t in the Cincinnati/Northern KY area.
    • Your SEVIS record will then be updated to reflect your new local address.
  1. Is the CIE office open? How can I talk to an ISSS advisor?
    • Beginning Monday, March 23, the CIE staff is working remotely. What does this mean? 
      • Most questions can be answered by email. We are checking the account daily.
      • You can still call us at 513-745-2804 from 1:00-4:00pm on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.
      • We can schedule phone or videochat appointments (Zoom). Please email us at to request a phone/video appointment.
      • In-person advising is only available for urgent cases and by appointment.
      • For urgent cases, please email Tsvety Karaivanova directly at
      • CIE can accept documents digitally (email) via international@xavier.eduYou can send us requests (Letter, CPT, OPT, I-20 extension, etc.) and supporting documents.
  1. The U.S. embassy/consulate in my country has temporarily stopped visa interviews. What does this mean for me? US consulates issue and renew visas. These services have temporarily closed as of March 20, 2020 and it is not clear when they will resume services.
    • If you are here in the US now with an expired visa, you can continue to stay in the US if your I-20 has not expired and you continue to maintain status.
    • Other countries have also begun to apply restrictions on travelers. For a list of current visa and entry restrictions by country, click here.
  1. I haven’t filed my U.S. taxes yet. Has anything changed with this requirement? 
    • The deadline for filing your taxes for the 2019 tax year has been extended to July, 15th 2020.
    • If you’re out of the country, you can still file your taxes using the Sprintax software. Just keep in mind that you cannot electronically file your taxes, so you must make sure you have mailed your tax documents to the address specified by Sprintax before July 15, 2020. 
    • You can still request a Sprintax access code by emailing


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International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) support students and scholars from abroad to achieve their academic goals and enrich the campus community with opportunities for growth through cross-cultural interaction.

ISSS offers the following services:

  • Non-Immigration advising for international students and scholars in F-1 and J-1 status;
  • Orientation and adjustment assistance;
  • Promotion of cultural awareness and understanding through programs and activities.

Currently, 155 international students and scholars are present at Xavier University. International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) works closely with faculty, staff, campus organizations and community groups to ensure that international students, scholars, and their families have the greatest opportunity to achieve their academic and personal goals. ISSS serves as the focal point on campus that deals with the unique needs, questions and concerns of those who come to Xavier University from abroad.