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Online teaching introduces different challenges and requires specific skills and knowledge. To help instructors provide outstanding online learning experiences for Xavier students, Instructional Design and Technology provides courses on pedagogy and best practices in online education.

IDT offers two different courses – Introduction to Online Course Design (IOCD), which is for faculty who are creating new online courses, and Facilitating an Online Course (FOC) for faculty adopting a previously created online course. More details about these courses and how to register for them can be found below. 


Planning to design and teach an online course or just interested in learning more about what's involved? Either way, you've come to the right place. The following information will provide you with an overview of online instruction and the process for developing an online course at Xavier.


The process for developing an online course is comprised of the following steps:

    Registration and Pre-Work:

  1. Complete the introductory module in Canvas - Introduction to Online Instruction
  2. Complete the Online Course Intent Form
  3. Have your department chair complete of the Online Course Creation Department Chair Form


  1. Complete Introduction to Online Course Design (IOCD), a six-week, fully online training course; the last assignment is the creation of your first course module

    Individual Support from Instructional Design and Technology:

  1. With support from IDT, build the online course you are developing. This will take approximately four to five months after IOCD.
  2. The IDT team reviews the completed course design using the heuristic checklist for quality online courses.     

Enrollment in the IOCD course is limited. Priority is given to faculty developing online courses that support university priorities, including:

  1. Summer courses
  2. Courses for non-traditional undergraduate students (APEX)
  3. Graduate courses 


IOCD start date: Best for faculty creating a course for:
May 15th, 2023 Spring 2024 or later
Fall 2023 (Date TBD) Fall 2024 or later


To begin the online or blended course design process, please indicate your interest by submitting the Online Course Intent Form above, certifying that you have completed the introductory module. Then have your chair complete the Online Course Creation Department Chair Form.

If you would like to develop your Canvas skills before joining IOCD, consider completing the Canvas Self-Paced Instructor training course. This self-paced course is designed to prepare Xavier instructors to use Canvas with their courses and serve as a resource that can be referred back to after training is completed. Find more information and register for this training here.


Facilitating an Online Course is for faculty adopting a previously designed online course. The course is designed as a self-paced independent learning experience. The goal is to allow you to learn about the pedagogy of teaching an online course as well as the technology involved. In this course you will learn about creating instructor presence, building community, and supporting students. Each of these topics is supported by specific instructions for implementation within Canvas.


  1. Complete the FOC Instructor Intent Form
  2. Have your department chair complete the FOC Department Chair Form


For more information about the process or about online course development, please contact