Department of History

Experiences of Students

Logan Wegmeyer (2015), is a GS-05 Interpreter at Mount Rainier National Park. As part of the National Park Service his main goal will be to educate the public on the resources of Mount Rainier and conserve the terrain, buildings and animals that lie within the park borders. This summer he will give interpretive talks, hikes, and programs to the millions of people who come to Mount Rainier every year. Along with giving these pre-made programs, he will begin crafting original talks and presentations on several different topics including animal adaptations, volcanism and Native American history. Logan is looking forward to the opportunity to explore the park for myself and summit Mount Rainier. Even at a place as environmentally oriented as Mount Rainier, human history plays a major role in explaining its story and Logan will be doing extensive research on everything from the native Yakima people, too James Longmire and the pioneering of the Pacific Northwest. (Visit the park web site to see an historic photograph of some of the first tourists to visit Mt. Rainier in an automobile:

Samantha Miller (2016) has been hired by the William Howard Taft National Historic Site in Cincinnati, Ohio as a Pathways Intern. The Pathways Internship Program is a paid internship through the U.S. Department of State and the National Park Service which provides students with the opportunity to gain work experience in a variety of fields. For her internship Samantha will lead tours of the William Howard Taft Historic Homestead and Education Center where she will inform guests about the life of former president William Howard Taft. She will also operate the information desk and the sales area in the Education Center.

Kelsey Witzgall (2014) began working part-time as a Children's Program Presenter at the Cincinnati Museum Center as a Sophomore at Xavier University. I had the opportunity to lead various programs and activities throughout the school year and summer. After graduation, she explored her passion for informal education in an internship as an Education Presenter at Disney's Animal Kingdom. Shortly after completing my internship, she accepted a position as a Manager of Public Education at the Cincinnati Museum Center. She is responsible for the implementation of Day Camps and Birthday Parties at the Museum Center. She writes educational programs for children ages 1-12, coordinates educational materials, hires and trains staff as well as working with the Cincinnati Heritage Program.