Department of History

About our faculty

The History department currently has positions for 13 full-time, principal faculty members. Department members received their postgraduate degrees from some of the nation¹s top doctoral programs in History, and their areas of expertise cover a wide range in geography, time period, and methodology. This breadth allows the department to offer a variety of survey courses (U.S., Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Africa) for core curriculum credit, to develop a diverse array of upper-level courses for history majors, and to contribute to the many interdisciplinary programs on campus (including Philosophy, Politics, and the Public; Academic Service Learning; Gender and Diversity Studies; Environmental Studies; Peace Studies; and International Studies).

History faculty members take full advantage of university-funded sabbaticals and summer research grants. In the last five years, the department has published (or put under contract) ten books (and counting), and published articles in Past and Present, The Journal of Women¹s History, The Journal of the Early Republic, The Journal of British Studies, and French Historical Studies. In recent years faculty have held Fulbright awards for research and teaching in Tanzania, Norway, the Czech Republic, and France.

Faculty members in the History Department are collegial, working together effectively on curriculum, student advising, and departmental decision making. Members of the department hold important positions within the university, including Rector of the Jesuit Community, Director of the University Scholars Program, Interim Director of the Eigel Center for Community Engagement, Chair of Faculty Committee, Co-Director of International Studies, Faculty Director of the Center for Teaching Excellence, and Co-Chair of the University Sustainability Committee.