Department of History

Karim M. Tiro

Professor, History Department

I am a historian specializing in North American history. My courses focus on the colonial, revolutionary, and early national periods, as well as on the history of Native Americans, the War of 1812, and epidemics. I am particularly interested in how political differences in the United States today can be traced to the founding values of different colonies in the seventeenth century. I am also very interested in using the history of Canada to help us better understand United States history.

My publications include many scholarly essays and two books, The People of the Standing Stone: The Oneida Nation from the Revolution through the Era of Removal and Along the Hudson and Mohawk: The 1790 Journey of Count Paolo Andreani. My practice as a historian has extended to curating museum exhibitions, consulting for historic sites and websites, providing research and expert testimony for litigants, and writing shorter essays for popular audiences.



Early America, Native Americans

First Year at Xavier



  • BA (Drew University); MA, PhD (University of Pennsylvania)