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Privacy Notice

Student Privacy

Due to privacy laws, McGrath Health and Wellness Center staff are not permitted to discuss any information about health, medical conditions, medical history, medications or other personal health information without the student's written permission. We cannot release information without student permission to parents, faculty, staff, coaches, etc. Privacy Laws require that the consent is only valid for the specified visit/illness only.

If you are under the age of 18 years, Student Health is required to share some health information with your parent or guardian in order to provide you with needed health care.

In some cases, Student Health must share information in order to treat you, run the department, bill for services, respond to legal actions and for public health and safety issues.

A full description of how the McGrath Health and Wellness Center protects your health information can be requested by calling (513) 745-3022 or by stopping by the health center.

If you are requesting information to be released FROM or TO the McGrath Health and Wellness Center, please fill out the appropriate form linked from this page.

Please Return Completed Forms to

McGrath Health and Wellness Center

3800 Victory Parkway

Cincinnati, Ohio 45207

Fax: (513) 745-3563