Gender and Diversity Studies

Teaching in Times of Crisis: Applying Comparative Literature in the Classroom

The GDST program and GDST/Sociology Department are pleased to announce a book launch of Dr. Mich Nyawalo’s new book, Teaching in Times of Crisis: Applying Comparative Literature in the Classroom (Routledge: Jan 21, 2021) to be held, via zoom, on Friday, January 29th, from 3:30-5pm.  

Please join us for a Question and Answer session with Dr. Nyawalo about his timely scholarship of learning, followed by open questions and conversation. A few lucky attendees will receive a copy of Dr. Nyawalo’s text! 


Routledge Press describes Dr. Nyawalo’s work as follows: “Teaching in Times of Crisis explores how comparative methods, which are instrumental in reading and teaching works of literature from around the world, also provide us with tools to dissect and engage the moments of crises that permeate our contemporary political realities. The book is written in the form of a series of classroom reflections—or memos—capturing the political environment preceding and proceeding the 2016 US presidential election. It examines the ways in which the ethics involved in reading comparatively can be employed by teachers and students alike to map and foster "lifelines for cultural sustainability" (to borrow the term from Djelal Kadir’s Memos from the Besieged City) that are essential for creating and maintaining a healthy multicultural society. Nyawalo achieves this through comparative readings of postcolonial films, LGBTQ texts, French slam poetry, as well as episodes from Star Trek: The Next Generation, among other materials. The classroom reflections captured in each memo are shaped by the Appalachian setting in which the discussions and lessons took place. Inspired by this setting, the author develops pedagogic ethics of comparison—a method of reading comparatively—which privileges the local educational spaces in which students find themselves by mapping the contested cultural politics of Appalachian realities onto a world literature curriculum.” 


Zoom link and password for book launch: 


     Password: 920609