Peace and Justice - Fr. Benjamin J. Urmston

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Parliament of the World's Religions - 11/29/18

Responding to the Unique Challenge of Nuclear Weapons A Passionate Call From The Parliament of the World’s Religions 

New York Times Article - 11/27/18

Government today is anti-science and anti-objective, but it can’t control everything, not even the release of the latest National Climate Assessment.    We now know that tobacco companies knew that smoking caused lung cancer, but they spent real money supporting doubt about the issue.  Killing people for ego is evil but risking civilization for profit is depraved.

NYT 11/27/18 A 24 Dr. Paul Krugman, Economist

America First - 11/27/18

Do we want to embrace the America First theme? "America first" can mean taking our portion, not caring about others. Many don’t like Trump using America First as a theme.  The New York Times puts Trump in that category (Nov.12, p.10)  President Macron of France: “Nationalism is a betrayal of patriotism by saying: Our interest first. Who cares about the others?’” 


Not merely in matters material, but in things of the spirit.

Not merely in science, inventions, motors and skyscrapers, but also in ideals, principles, character.

Not merely in the calm assertion of rights, but in the glad assumption of duties.

Not flaunting her strength as a giant, but bending in helpfulness over a sick and wounded world like a good Samaritan. 

Not in splendid isolation, but in courageous co-operation. 

Not in pride, arrogance and disdain of other races and peoples, but in sympathy, love and understanding.

And so, in that spirit and with these hopes, I say with all my heart and soul, "AMERICA FIRST".

Printed in the St. Xavier Calendar for December 1928, one month after Fr. Finn's death