Environmental Science

Sustainability on Campus

Photo of Outdoor Lounge area on top of the Cafeteria and next to Justice Hall

Integrating sustainability into campus operations aligns with Xavier's Jesuit tradition and promotes the ongoing welfare our students, institution, our community and even our world. With a physical infrastructure that's less costly to run and more resilient, the lower our carbon footprint, the more interdisciplinary and problem-focused our educational efforts.

The Hoff Academic Quad, Conaton Learning Commons, Smith Hall, Justice Hall and the Central Utility Plant are designed and constructed to meet or exceed US Green Building Council's LEED silver standards. Plus provide practical benefits:

  • Xavier's energy consumption has decreased by 17.5 percent, water consumption by 20 percent.
  • The first green roof on Xavier's campus is both comfortable and sustainable.
  • Reflective white roofs prevent 80 percent of sunlight mitigating the heat-island effect that cause urban regions to become warmer than their rural surroundings.

In December 2013, Xavier University was selected for membership in the Greater Cincinnati Green Business Council. The Council's mission is "to inspire the business community to deliver a better social, economic and environmental future" and its purpose is "to share best practices while collaborating to drive and accelerate sustainable development in the Greater Cincinnati region."

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