Department of English

Courses Grouped by Requirement

Below are a list of courses grouped by the requirement/s they fill for the English major and English minor. While not all of these courses are offered every semester, most are offered every 3-4 semesters.

*Note: Every semester, the department offers at least one course that fulfills each requirement for the major and minor. For example, every semester there will be at least one course that satisfies the Theory / Criticism requirement.

Requirement Courses that fulfill this requirement

Theory / Criticism

ENGL 302 Modern Literary Theory
ENGL 303 History of Literary Criticism
ENGL 366 Feminist Theory
ENGL 337 Theories in Research and Writing (also carries the QR Flag)

ENGL 363 Ecocriticism
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Language / Linguistics

ENGL 320 Topics in Linguistics
ENGL 321 History of the English Language
ENGL 322 Ethnolinguistics
ENGL 323 Media and Its Discourses
ENGL 328 Gender, Religion, and Violence
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Pre-1800 British Literature

ENGL 361 Sixteenth and Seventeenth-Century Women's Literacy
ENGL 376 Literature and Arts in Britain (Study Abroad)
ENGL 410 Chaucer
ENGL 411 Medieval Women's Writing
ENGL 415 Early English Literature
ENGL 425 Shakespeare
ENGL 429 Renaissance Drama
ENGL 430 Seventeenth-Century British Literature
ENGL 435 Milton
ENGL 441 Eighteenth-Century British Literature
ENGL 465 Eighteenth-Century Novel: Behn-Austen
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Post-1800 British Literature

ENGL 364 Jane Austen: Then and Now

ENGL 368 British Women Writers
ENGL 375 Literature and the Arts in Britain (Study Abroad)
ENGL 414 Tolkien
ENGL 450 British Romantic Literature
ENGL 460 Love, Sex, and Gender in Victorian Poetry
ENGL 462 Victorian Writing
ENGL 463 Victorian Poetry and Poetics
ENGL 464 The English Novel: Dickens-Conrad
ENGL 470 Modern British Literature
ENGL 475 Modern Irish Literature
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Pre-1900 American Literature

ENGL 358 Black America Since 1865

ENGL 373 War and Peace in American Literature
ENGL 468 Transatlantic Literature
ENGL 480 The American Renaissance
ENGL 481 American Realism
ENGL 485 American Gothic Literature
ENGL 488 Humor in American Literature
ENGL 489 American Minority Literature
ENGL 491 American Texts and Adaptations
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Post-1900 American Literature

ENGL 351 Jewish American Literature
ENGL 479 Literature of the American West
ENGL 482 Modern American Fiction
ENGL 483 Modern American Poetry
ENGL 484 African-American Literature
ENGL 486 Contemporary American Fiction
ENGL 487 Contemporary American Poetry
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ENGL 301 Expos/Research Writing
ENGL 304 Teaching and Research in Writing
ENGL 305 Professional Writing
ENGL 307 Internship: Writing, Editing, Publishing
ENGL 309 Creative Writing: Poetry
ENGL 310 Creative Writing: Fiction

ENGL 312 Technical Writing
ENGL 314 Writing Journals and Autobiographies
ENGL 315 Composition Tutoring
ENGL 318 Creative Nonfiction
ENGL 319 Writing as Social Action
ENGL 326 The Rhetoric of Politics
ENGL 330 Women of the World
ENGL 331 World Literature
ENGL 335 Post-Humanist Literature
ENGL 336 Israeli Literature

ENGL 339 Digital Writing
ENGL 340 World Drama
ENGL 344 Major Black Writers of the World
ENGL 348 Literature and the Environment
ENGL 350 Modern Jewish Fiction
ENGL 352 African Literature
ENGL 354 African-American Poetry
ENGL 357 African-American Intellectual Traditions
ENGL 359 Gender and Diversity in Film
ENGL 360 Women Writers

ENGL 363 Ecocritism
ENGL 462 Technologies of Gender
ENGL 366 Feminist Theory
ENGL 369 Women and Sacred Language
ENGL 370 Writing by Sexual Minorities
ENGL 371 War and Peace in World Literature
ENGL 382 Adolescent Literature
ENGL 385 Science Fiction
ENGL 408 Dante and the Modern Reader
ENGL 468 Transatlantic Literature
ENGL 472 Modern Drama
ENGL 489 Contemporary Travel Literature
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