Support Groups

Ernest E. Just Scholars

The Ernest E. Just Society, which was founded at Xavier University in 2004, is a collaboration between the Center for Diversity and Inclusion, and STEM departments on campus.

The goal of the society is to build academic community for underrepresented students who are majoring in the sciences, supporting them in their quest to achieve academic excellence. It includes weekly study sessions for first-year students, with mentoring by peers and faculty. Guest speakers are also invited to expose students to professionals in the sciences. Students in the group are primarily students of color, first-generation college or students of low socioeconomic status. Interested allies are also welcome.

Ernest Just graduated magna cum laude in 1907 from Dartmouth College with a degree in zoology and special honors in botany, history and sociology. Following graduation, he taught at Howard University where he was later appointed head of the department of zoology. Just was awarded the first NAACP Spingarn Medal in 1915 for his accomplishments as a pure scientist. A year later, Just graduated magna cum laude from the University of Chicago with his doctorate in experimental embryology. Through his work with cells, Just gave further insight into the process of artificial parthenogenesis and the physiology of cell development.


X-Men is a space open to faculty, staff and students who identify their gender as men whom engage in dialogue about issues that effect men on a bi-weekly basis. Topics include, but are not limited to: study habits, men and food, father and son relationships, identity development, intersectionality and male privilege. X-Men is a collaboration between the Multicultural, Gender and Women's Center and Office of Residential Life.


Queeries is a space for students who identify along the LGBTQIA+ spectrum to engage in dialogue about issues that affect the community. Queeries meets biweekly in the evenings.