Aspiring Anti-Racist Allies

Aspiring Anti-Racist Allies is an affinity space primarily for self-identified white staff, faculty, and students at Xavier University who want to become anti-racist, anti-supremacist allies and examine their own ideas about race and racism. Our focus is on challenging ourselves and other white people to take responsibility for racist oppression, and we welcome opportunities to communicate, collaborate, and build relationships with people of color in order to challenge racism together.

Our goal is to develop awareness, knowledge, and skills that will enable us to work in solidarity with others towards racial justice on campus and in our broader community. Our work supports Xavier's commitment to helping everyone on campus cultivate lives of reflection, compassion, and informed action by addressing the intellectual, moral, and spiritual dimensions of racism and white supremacy.


- Tracey DuEst, M.Ed.- Associate Director, Office of Institutional Diversity and Inclusion
- Wendy Maxian, PhD, Associate Professor and Chair Communications
- Thomas Strunk, PhD, Associate Professor of Clasics
-  Andrea Wawrzusin Ed.D.- University Registrar, Registrar's Office
For More Information Contact:
Tracey DuEst at duestt@xavier.edu or 745-3114