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The world is an ever evolving place which can make it difficult to stay information on the most current topics related to equity, justice, inclusion, and advocacy. To do our part on campus, the CDI team is curating a list of recent news articles to help students, staff, and faculty learn more. Check back in a few times per month to see an updated list. If you have a suggestion of an article that should be added, please send it to with a brief (50-100 word) summary for consideration.

  1. Students and Scholars - from Tehran to Los Angeles — want justice after Mahsa Amini’s death
    • 19th News

  2. How Iran's Protests Engulfed the Country: A Timeline
    • Wall Street Journal

  3. NCAA updates policy on transgender participation, to let each sport set eligibility requirements
    • January 20, 2022; ESPN

  4. Trailblazing feminist author, critic and activist bell hooks has died at 69 
    • December 15, 2021; NPR

  5. Public Single-Stall Bathrooms in Cincinnati Can No Longer Be Restricted By Gender
    • September 1, 2021; 91.7 WVXU

  6. U.S. to add "X" gender marker on passports
    • June 30, 2021; PBS

  7. The inadequacy of the term "Asian American"
    • May 5, 2021; Vox

  8. Ibram X. Kendi Launches 'Be Antiracist" Podcast with Malcolm Gladwell's Pushkin Industries & iHeartMedia
    • May 3, 2021; Deadline

  9. 'Wakanda forever!' Vice President Kamala Harris visits blaCk Coffee Lounge in Cincinnati
    • April 30, 2020; The Enquirer

  10. Ohio to allow transgender people to change birth certificate gender
    • April 28, 2021; NBC News

  11. Americas are identifying as LGBTQ more than ever, poll finds
    • February 24, 2021; NBC News

  12. White House Contact Form Now Includes Gender-Neutral Options
    • January 21, 2021; HuffPost