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VidGrid focuses on easily creating short videos from your desktop or mobile device and sharing them, either inside or outside Canvas.

With VidGrid you can record, edit, caption, and share your video content inside a single app.

Faculty, staff, and current students can use VidGrid free of charge on your personal device.

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VidGrid Replacement Evaluation

For information on the ongoing Assessment please visit our Assessment Page

What can I do with VidGrid

VidGrid has multiple features for creating and sharing video. You will be able to use VidGrid to:

  • Create screen recordings, with or without your webcam
  • Create webcam-only recordings
  • Have your students create screen captures or webcam recordings and submit them as an assignment
  • Have your content captioned to meet ADA compliance and Universal Design for Learning recommendations
  • Edit out mistakes from content that is hosted on VidGrid
  • Share your content with an entire class using Canvas or a direct link
  • Easily update content shared in multiple places without the need to track them all down



In person and virtual training sessions are available by scheduling with the Digital Media Lab Manager , and there is also a self-paced Canvas course available for faculty and staff. We encourage you to register as a student so you will continue to receive important news and updates. You can request to be added as a student via email.


Who can help me with VidGrid?

  • Digital Media Services
    • Available 9:00-5:00 M-F
  • VidGrid Customer Support:
    • 651-560-6447
    • Available 9:00-6:00 M-F