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The purpose of this guide is to provide faculty with norms and expectations in teaching a First-Year Seminar (CORE 100), particularly regarding the course goals and student learning outcomes. There are many ways to help students achieve the learning outcomes, and faculty may emphasize some outcomes more than others. But all are required pieces of any FYS.

Since the FYS is required of students within their first two semesters at Xavier, all of the SLOs should be understood at a basic, introductory level.

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Course Goals

Students will...

Become engaged in intellectually challenging and interesting questions and problems.

Develop strong mentoring relationships with faculty in and out of the classroom.

Join the community of scholars at Xavier University.

Establish a solid foundation on which subsequent Core Curriculum courses will build.

Engage with a common theme across all semesters.

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Student Learning Outcomes

Students who successfully complete this course will be able to...

Core 1b: Apply the approaches of multiple disciplines to a significant issue.

Core 6b: Articulate the evolution of their vocation and aspirations to contribute to the world. In FYS, this includes:

  • Introducing students to the idea of vocation
  • Guiding students in thinking about how vocation and career might overlap
  • Discussing vocation as part of mentoring conversations and in the context of our Jesuit identity and focus on solidarity, kinship, and service

Core 3a: Identify and critically assess multiple dimensions of an ethical issue in an attempt to reach a conclusion. In FYS, this includes:

  • Interpreting challenging readings.
  • Employing effective library research and information literacy skills.
  • Constructing arguments supported with evidence.

[And other SLOs determined by individual instructors.]

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Updated: August 23, 2018