Student Club Information

Student Club Funds General Information

Revenue Object Codes

  • 507360: Balance Forward represents funds either left over (+) from the previous year or an over expenditure (-) from the previous year.
  • 507358: Student Government Allocation represents funds which are allotted to the account via student government for the year.
  • 507359: Supplemental Revenue represents any funds coming into the account for any type of co-sponsorship and/or fundraisers etc.
  • Always use an interdepartmental form to correct any activity that was applied to the wrong object code. (Do not use to correct payroll activity. See Student Employment Maintenance/Review of Accounts.)
  • Always deposit all funds into object code 0980 (Supplemental Revenue).
  • Always use an interdepartmental form when co-sponsoring an event or when taking in funds from another account.
  • All forms involving the account must be signed by the account and/or budget administrator.

Journal Types / Rule Class Codes

The following three fields that will help you to understand the transactions in FAS on form FGITRND and in FSS.

  • BD01: Permanent adopted budget (original budget)
  • BD02: Permanent change to adopted budget
  • BD04: Temporary change to budget (one time only funding)
  • CORD: Change order
  • CR05: Cash receipt - deposits to revenue
  • DCSR: Direct cash receipt
  • DNEC: Check - credit memo with encumbrance
  • DNEI: Check - invoice with encumbrance
  • DNNC: Check - credit memo without encumbrance
  • DNNI: Check - invoice without encumbrance
  • HDEF: Deferred pay payout
  • HDPA: Deferred pay accrual
  • HEEL: Employee liability - payroll feed
  • HENA: Salary encumbrance adjustment
  • HENC: Salary encumbrance
  • HERL: Employee liability
  • HGNL: Payroll - gross expenditure, no liquidation
  • HGRB: Employer-paid benefits
  • HNET: Net payroll
  • ICEC: Cancel credit memo with encumbrance
  • ICEI: Cancel invoice with encumbrance
  • ICNC: Cancel credit memo without encumbrance
  • ICNI: Cancel invoice without encumbrance
  • INEC: Credit memo with encumbrance
  • INEI: Invoice with encumbrance
  • INNI: Accounts payable invoice without encumbrance
  • JE05: Beginning balance in restricted funds
  • JE15: Journal entries (intra fund)
  • JE16: Journal entries (inter fund including interdepartmentals and feeds)
  • PCRD: Cancel purchase order
  • PCRP: Cancel purchase order from prior year
  • POAD: Additional charge on purchase order
  • POBC: Purchase order liquidation/$25 or less balance
  • POCL: Purchase order closed
  • PODS: Discount on purchase order
  • POLQ: Liquidated purchase order
  • POPN: Open purchase order
  • PORD: Encumbered purchase order
  • PROJ: Project encumbrance
  • REQP: Requisition that has been reserved
  • RCQP: Cancelled requisition
  • XACC: Alumni feed

Field Identifiers

These abbreviations will help you to understand the transactions in FAS on form FGITRND:

  • FLD: Field
  • ABD: Adjusted budget
  • ENC: Encumbrance
  • OBD: Original budget
  • RSV: Reservation
  • TMP: Temporary adjustment
  • YTD: Year-to-date/actual expenditure

Document Number Identifiers

  • BCXXXXXX: Office Max/Boise entry
  • BKXXXXXX: Bookstore entry
  • CCXXXXXX: Cintas Center entry
  • CPXXXXXX: Copy Card charge entry
  • FSXXXXXX: Food Service entry
  • KNXXXXXX: Kinko's entry
  • LDXXXXXX: Long distance entry
  • ODXXXXXX: Office Depot entry
  • PPXXXXXX: Paper Usage entry
  • PRXXXXXX: Printing Services entry
  • PSXXXXXX: Postage Entry
  • SCXXXXXX: Schiff Conference Center entry
  • SEXXXXXX: Special Events entry
  • TFXXXXXX: 1-800 entry
  • TRXXXXXX: Travel Authority entry
  • UCXXXXXX: University Credit Card entry
  • JE**XXXX: Journal entries - ** are the initials of the person who input the information
  • FXXXXXXX: System interfaces (payroll, alumni-gifts)