Computer Science Department

Department of Computer Science - Careers in Computer Science

Computer science majors have a wide variety of opportunities upon graduation. Typical careers include programming, systems analysts, software design, network administration, web design and programming, technical consulting and client-server programming. Students choosing to continue on for advanced degrees may choose careers in computer science research and computer design. Other positions include technical writing, teaching, marketing, or the application of computer science in accounting, engineering, business, law, mathematics, medicine and other sciences.

The University's Career Development Office assists students in their search for employment by offering individual career counseling sessions, by conducting an annual workshop series on interviewing and resume writing techniques, and by maintaining a current educational, vocational and employer information resource center. Each year over 100 corporate representatives from national and local companies visit the Xavier campus and conduct over 1,000 interviews for full-time seniors and graduate students. Internship and part-time and summer job referral service is also a function of the office of career and leadership development.

For more information, contact one of the CS faculty: Dr JohnsonMr. Ramanayake, or Dr. Sommer.