Cintas Institute for Business Ethics

Cintas Undergraduate Ethics Fellows

The Cintas Undergraduate Ethics Fellowship (CUEF) was established to help WCB undergraduate students enhance their exposure to Ethical Leadership. Applicants must be full time Juniors or Seniors enrolled in a major within the Williams College of Business, have at least 15 credit hours of WCB classes taken at Xavier, and maintain a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher.

During the course of the Fellowship, CUEFs will be expected to attend ethics related events sponsored by the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics, as well as create a museum quality creative expression focusing on Ethical Leadership.  CUEFs may complete the creative expression themselves, or there is a modest stipend to hire and work with an artist.

Upon the completion of the CUEF, Fellows will receive the following scholarship:

CUEF participating in the London - Paris International Ethics course, taught during that academic year's spring break, can receive a scholarship for $3,000 towards the expenses for the trip. In 2024, the projected expenses are $5,600 which includes tuition for this three (3) credit hour course, airfare, double occupancy hotel, Eurostar train, and several excursions. If students are unable to participate in this trip because it is cancelled or the student elects not to participate on the trip, the $3,000 scholarship will be entered into the student's bursar's account.

Distributions will occur after the completion of all the requirements on or around May 1 of the CUEF fellowship year.


Download a detailed description and application for a CUEF.