Cintas Institute for Business Ethics

Cintas Graduate Ethics Fellows

The Cintas Graduate Ethics Fellowship (CGEF) was established to help WCB graduate students enhance their exposure to Leadership, Ethics, Governance and Sustainability, and the Values Based Leadership Concentration. Applicants must be accepted into Xavier's MBA, and maintain a GPA of 3.0 or higher, in the MBA program. Students who are enrolled in, registered for, or are planning on taking the next semester, at least one MBA elective that has Leadership, Ethics, Governance or Sustainability as one of its main themes, may apply for the CGEF. One course that will be offered during the spring semester are BUAD 609 - Online Business Ethics Through Film. MBA students could state their intention to take at least one courses during the spring semester, and apply for the CGEF by the September deadline. During the spring, students would take this class, and should also strongly consider taking BUAD 604 - Spirituality and Leadership - during the spring or summer of their fellowship year. Another excellent course, typically taught in the fall is MGMT 616 - Ethics and Leadership.

During the course of the Fellowship, CGEFs will be expected to make significant progress towards completing the Values Based Leadership concentration, attend ethics related events sponsored by the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics, as well as complete a creative expression project. This project may be a painting, sculpture, video or other creative work, designed by the CGEF, and approved by the Director of the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics. Fellows may complete the project themselves, or use outside resources to execute their ideas. Reasonable support for the outside resources (artists, sculptors, videographers), are available for funding, after budgetary approval by the Director of the Cintas Institute for Business Ethics.

CGEF may receive one of the two following reimbursements:

CGEF participating in the London - Paris International Ethics course, taught during the 2024 spring break, can receive a reimbursement for $3,000 of the expenses for the trip. In 2024, the projected expenses are $5,600 which includes three (3) credit hours of graduate tuition,


CGEF not participating in the London-Paris International Ethics course, can receive a reimbursement for the tuition portion of a three (3) hour elective course related to Leadership, Ethics, Governance or Sustainability. Even if that amount is less than $3,000, this reimbursement will be capped at the cost of the three (3) credit hour class.

Under either situation, reimbursements will occur after the completion of all of the requirements on or around May 1 of the CGEF fellowship year.

Courses already approved for this Fellowship are:

Please note that not all the above courses are offered on a regular basis, and not all of these courses have been approved for the Values Based Leadership concentration in the MBA program.

Download a further description of the Cintas Graduate Ethics Fellowship.

Application for the Cintas Graduate Ethics Fellowship (due September 5, 2023).