Campus Ministry

Summer Service Internship Program

A paid summer internship for 16 students to serve full-time at local community-based non-profit organizations and live in community on campus. Check out the video below for insight into how the program has impacted past interns.

A student coordinator for the following summer is selected during the fall semester. Applications for Summer 2024 Interns are available (see below).

For more information contact: Shannon Hughes at

Eligibility for Internship

Open to current students of all majors who intend to enroll at Xavier for the Spring 2024 and Fall 2024 semesters and who can meet position requirements and commitments. Must be in good academic and judicial standing with Xavier University. Interns will be selected through application and interview processes - applicants must be available to participate in these processes in-person to be eligible for the internship.

Position Descriptions/Applications

There are two types of positions available to Xavier students through this program, student coordinator and interns. Interns work directly for a community organization, serving their client population on a daily basis. The student coordinator works with the summer service internship program coordinator to design and implement training, reflections, and community building, and assists with community organization communication. See the position descriptions and applications below for submission dates and work timelines. 

SSI 2024 Student Coordinator - 1 position

SSI 2024 Intern Positions - for Xavier students - 16 positions

SSI 2024 Community Partner Organization Application


The Summer Service Internship Program provides the students of Xavier University with the opportunity to engage in social service in the Cincinnati area and nurture relationships with the broader community. This internship seeks to educate participants through Service, Reflection and living in Community in order that they integrate their experiences into a lifelong commitment to Social Justice and contributing to the betterment of society. By learning through service, this program develops students to be people for and with others in accordance with the Jesuit identity of Xavier University.


For the twenty-ninth consecutive year, Xavier University will offer its Summer Service Internship Program. Historically, interns have become active members in the Cincinnati community, using their talents to address the city's social needs. Additionally, the internship is designed to encourage service learning by building a community of service interns on campus who can share insights, reflect on their experiences and address issues affecting society. Weekly reflection sessions allow students to exchange experiences, pose questions, and provide support for one another. Students also read articles and keep a journal throughout the internship to help them gain a broader understanding of the impact of their work. View participating community organizations and students from past years of the Summer Service Internship Program by clicking on the link below: