Jesuit Ministers

Jesuit Ministers

At Xavier University, Jesuits are embedded throughout our campus life. Jesuits affiliate with the Center for Faith and Jusitce to be available to students through ministry. You may see them preside at mass, advise clubs, for reconciliation or for spiritual direction. Feel free to email them directly if you would like to set up spiritual direction or meet with them one-on-one.

Not sure where to start, but want to be involved in the Catholic community on campus? Check out Catholic Campus Ministry here or email Colleen Ryan-Mayrand and she will help you discern where to be. Not Catholic? Our Jesuit priests can provide accompaniment in a variety of ways, and can be a resource for you too (and you can check out communities and offerings in many traditions here).

Fr. LaRocca carrying the mace at commencement in academic robes

John LaRocca, S.J.

Fr. LaRocca is a retired history professor who lived in a residence hall for many years. He entered the Society of Jesus in 1963 and was ordained in 1975. For 37 years, he has worked in a poor parish in London each summer and loves the people there. Fr. LaRocca is a great Italian cook and can often be found at Men's Soccer or Baseball games. He is available for spiritual direction and reconciliation.

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Two Jesuits by a turntable

Nathan Wendt, S.J.

Fr. Wendt is the Road Through Xavier Program coordinator at the Eigel Center. He entered the novitiate in 2003 and was ordained in 2014. He has served in parishes and high schools. Through the Ignatian Spirituality Project, he offers retreats with transitioning from homelessness and recovering from addictions. Fun fact: he is also a DJ (he is the one on the right in the picture). Fr. Nathan is available for spiritual direction and reconciliation.

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Church selfie with Fr. Eric in robes and a full chapel

Eric Sundrup, S.J.

Fr. Sundrup is pastor of Bellarmine Chapel very familiar with our community--he is from Cincinnati and is a 2003 graduate of Xavier. Since entering the Jesuits that same year, he has worked in Peru, San Francisco, New York, Chicago, Ann Arbor, and back in Cincinnati. He has three poison dart frogs in his room at the residence, named Inigo, Pierre and Francisco. He is an FC Cincinnati fan with a skill for group selfies (yes, this is pre-pandemic). Fr. Eric currently serves at the pastor of Bellarmine Chapel.

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Fr. Deye holding a baby at the baptismal font, surrounded by family

Walter Deye, S.J.

Fr. Deye is the Superior of the Cincinnati Jesuit Community. Though he was born in Cincinnati, he considers Chicago his city. He has served as the President of both Brebeuf Jesuit in Indianapolis and St. Xavier High School here. He entered the Jesuits in 1966 and was ordained in 1975. He is a gadget freak and an Apple nerd, so you can also seek tech support.

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Four students talking after the weekly Islamic prayer group

Chris Mapunda, S.J.

Fr. Mapunda is doing doctoral studies in educational leadership on campus. He belongs to the East African province of the Society of Jesus and is a great soccer player. Fr. Mapunda is bottom right of our group selfie from soccer on the yard. He is available for spiritual direction and reconciliation. 

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five Jesuits taking a seflie

David Inczauskis, S.J.

Fr. Inczauskis is a regent in his third year teaching Spanish on campus. He researches Honduran cinematography and has a podcast on Liberation Theology. (Find it on spotify at "The Liberation Theology Podcast") He is pictured, top right, with the other "young Jesuits" in his first year in the community.

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Al Bischoff, S.J.

Fr. B, as he is affectionately known, is a campus minister emeritus. You will know him because he will call you a saint around campus. You can find him giving the homilies at the 5 pm mass each Thursday.