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Fiscal Year End

Guidelines for Budget Revisions - For departments (Banner "orgs") funded by the university's annual operating budget.

  1. Salary and Wage Category (6xxxxx account codes) - Unused budgeted monies are not available to be expended or transferred to other expense categories.
  2. Operational Expenses and Equipment (70xxxx - 706xxx account codes) - Budget revisions will be permitted among account code pools within this category, to cover normal departmental needs. Transfers of monies to non-FTE wage categories are permitted. Examples include supplemental compensation and temporary employees. Transfers to Funds are not permitted.
  3. Other Categories (707xxx - 80xxx account codes) - Monies budgeted in these categories cannot be transferred to other categories. Examples of such items would include insurance, utilities, financial aid, etc.

Expenditures made by revenue generating ("self-supporting") operations should be governed by anticipated revenues to be generated through June 30, not by the expenditure budget currently in the Banner Finance System.