Today at Xavier is Xavier's twice weekly e-newsletter for faculty and staff.

  1. Today at Xavier is published three times a week, Monday, Wednesday and Friday, during the academic year except on holidays.
  2. The target audience for Today at Xavier is faculty and staff. All faculty and staff announcements are automatically considered for, but not guaranteed to be included in, Today at Xavier.
  3. The deadlines to submit an announcement are noon Friday (for Monday), noon Tuesday (for Wednesday), and noon Thursday (for Friday). Announcements submitted after the noon deadline will be considered for the following edition.
  4. An announcement must be submitted to the Hub each time it is to be considered for inclusion in Today at Xavier. Marketing and Communications does not accept requests to automatically re-run announcements in Today at Xavier.
  5. All submissions must be related to events or programs on campus or an officially recognized University club, organization or academic department.
  6. All submissions require a faculty or staff member as the contact.
  7. All submissions are limited to 500 characters. Write succinctly. It's helpful to include a web link so readers may access additional details. PDF attachments are often inaccessible on assistive devices and therefore are not advised.
  8. Group or individual "thank you" announcements are not published.
  9. The names of individual members of a committee, team or task force are not published.
  10. Death notices and birth announcements are published for employees or relatives of employees.

For additional help, email