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  1. All announcements are subject to editing. 
  2. Announcements that do not comply with these guidelines are subject to removal. Submitters who repeatedly violate these guidelines are subject to be blocked from future submissions.
  3. All announcements must be submitted by and promoting a Xavier department, approved club, organization, or working group.
  4. The announcements are only for EVENTS and PROGRAMS, not meetings or organizational reminders.
  5. Announcements should pertain to the University at large, not specific groups or organizations.
  6. Announcement headlines must contain information about the event.
  7. Only one announcement is allowed per event or program.
  8. The content cannot represent any of the following: vulgarity or sexually suggestive languages or images, promote the use of alcohol or illegal substances, racial/ethnic/ gender or religious insensitivity through language or images, suggest violence.
  9. Student events must be cleared by Xavier's Office of Student Involvement.