Africana Studies


The Africana Studies minor serves as an introduction to the historical, political, cultural and social traditions of the African continent and the African Diaspora within disciplinary and interdisciplinary contexts. Elective courses which satisfy the intellectual requirements of the minor trace the customs, mores, and histories of African nations or countries with significant African Diaspora populations, perform comparative analyses between African or African Diaspora populations, or focus on individual spheres (cultural, economic, political, social, etc.) within specific African/African Diaspora populations.


Since the April 2001 riot in Cincinnati, Ohio, Father Graham has made diversity and community engagement one of the "silos" in his personal and professional development. He has done so in order to lead by example, to underscore his belief that diversity, in the broadest sense, is not so much relevant as it is intrinsic to a Catholic university in the Jesuit tradition. Intellectual inquiry is, by definition, diverse and focused, interdisciplinary and disciplinary. Given the faculty-led commitment to diversity and interdisciplinary studies (see our Academic Vision Statement), this minor is an appropriate addition to our on-going engagement with our students and their - to say nothing of our - intellectual interests.