Accreditation at Xavier

Accreditation is one of the most important ways that Xavier University demonstrates the level of quality at our institution. This website provides:

Institutional Links

HLC emphasizes the importance of institutional mission; our work supports our Mission statement, in keeping with our institutational Values.

Xavier University Strategic Plan

Xavier University Mission Statement and Vision Statement

Xavier University Values: Gifts of Our Ignatian Heritage

Areas of Focus since Xavier's 2011 Comprehensive Evalution

Xavier makes improvements based on HLC feedback. Below are some of the areas of focus following the 2011 Comprehensive Evaluation. Of course, this list doesn't include all the work done at the University over the past ten years.

Assessment Hub on Nexus (requires login)

Assessment Resources

Core Curriculum for Faculty and Staff

Office of the Graduate School

Staff Advisory Committee (SAC) (requires login)

University Planning and Resource Council (UPRC) (requires login)