Strategic Plan Development Process


This process would deeply designed to listen to the many Xavier constituents that engage with the university. Beginning with President Hanycz's listening sessions with the Xavier community and building on the university's mission, vision and values, this process incorporated inputs from campus constituencies and from the community that Xavier serves.

Thank you all who responded to the Strategic Planning Survey. Over 375 Xavier employees responded with their aspirations for Xavier in the next five years, including over 125 who indicated a willingness to be directly involved in planning.

Strategic Plan Leadership and Structure

Five Aspirational Themes

In addition, Idea Labs addressed the five aspirational themes identified through the Strategic Planning Process.

Advancing the Common Good

Leveraging Our Academic Strengths

Delivering a Transformative Student Experience

Building Institutional Agility and Strength

Caring for Our People Through Inclusive Excellence

Process Overview

Fall 2021 – early 2022: President's Listening Sessions for Themes of Excellence

Staff and faculty identify Spires of Excellence and Aspirations for our future.

Data from these listening sessions will drive and inform the development of the Goal and Aspiration statements in the high-level strategic plan.

January: Identify Strategic Planning Steering Committee

January-February: Identify Aspirations

February: Identify Barriers and Future States (These are steps toward identifying Initiatives)

March: Develop a set of candidate Initiatives

April: Community Feedback on revised Goal, Aspirations and Initiatives

May: Board and Community Town Halls

June-July 2022

August 2022

September 2022

October – December 2022

February 2023

August 2023