Secondary Education (Professional Education Minor)

Do you remember your favorite teacher - the special person who encouraged and motivated you to follow your dreams? By participating in the Secondary Education program, you will choose a subject as your major and Professional Education as your minor while working toward licensure to teach in public and private schools. With Xavier's emphasis on care for the whole person, you could become that special teacher for one of your own students.


Of Xavier education students pass state exams
(Ohio board of Regents, 2012 Value-Added report)


Resources and Connections

The Lodge Learning Laboratory is where education students meet up with each other, and their professors, for discussion and study, and to use the teaching resources and materials made available just for them.

Field Work in Cincinnati

Xavier ensures you gain hands-on experience teaching in different kinds of classroom environments: urban, suburban, public and private, starting as early as your first year and continuing every year.

Choose your Subject

Pick your major: integrated language arts, integrated mathematics, integrated social studies, physical sciences and more; and minor in professional education. This way, you get to share your knowledge on a topic you love to future generations.

Welcome to the Family

Four Years That Will Change Your Life.

After Graduation

Our students leave Xavier ready to enter the job market. Early Childhood Education graduates go on to work in

public and private school
public and private schools
hospital and child care
educational settings such as hospitals and child care centers
nature centers
outdoor education and nature centers


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