Veteran and Military Family Center

Student Employment Team (Peer Mentoring and Student Veteran Liaisons)

The Student employment team is a group of Veteran and Military connected students who have a desire to support their fellow peers through two primary functions: peer outreach and collaboration with other offices/resources on campus and in the community. 

  • Peer Mentoring

    The peer mentoring component is designed to help incoming student Veterans make a smooth transition from the military to student life on campus. A Peer "Mentor" is an experienced, energetic Student Veteran who provides regular outreach with new undergraduate Student Veterans on Xavier's campus via face-to-face meetings, telephone and email. Peers Mentors communicate information about campus resources, provide encouragement and support, develop trust, provide appropriate referrals and are a point of contact within the Veteran and Military Family Center regarding all sorts of topics that include but are not limited to: housing, academic advising, VA education benefits, tutoring, mental health counseling, career and major exploration and so much more!
  • Student Veteran Liaison

    In addition to the peer mentoring, these student employees also collaborate with other campus offices, in order to develop and improve programming on behalf of that office for the Student Veteran community at Xavier. This includes but is not limited to workshops, events and marketing/communication that advocate for and support fellow Student Veterans. The Student Veteran Liaisons work with both the leadership in the Veteran and Military Family Center and the various campus offices that they are assigned to. The Liaisons promote awareness of the Veteran and Military Family Center and issues that Veterans face on campus and in the community.