Undergraduate Admission

Test-Optional FAQ

1. Why is submitting standardized test scores optional?

Every application submitted to Xavier receives a holistic review. This means every piece of your application is reviewed and considered in order to make a decision. One single item does not determine your admissibility, and a test-optional policy allows students to demonstrate their abilities in other ways.

2. How do I know if I should apply test-optional?

If you believe your test scores are indicative of your academic achievement, then we are happy to consider them as part of your application. However, if you have a strong academic record demonstrated by above average grades in challenging courses, but do not feel your test results are a good reflection of your academic performance, you can choose not to submit them.

In weighing your options, consider the information below as a guide:

  • Class of 2024
    • Middle 50% ACT: 23-28
    • Middle 50% SAT: 1140-1310

You will be asked to indicate whether or not you are applying test-optional on your application for admission.

3. What if my scores are sent from a testing agency or included on my transcripts?

If you choose to apply test-optional, your application for admission will be reviewed without considering scores, even if they are included in your record. Remember that you must indicate whether or not you are applying test-optional on your application for admission.

4. How will Xavier evaluate students who do not submit test scores?

Xavier utilizes a holistic review for every student, regardless of the decision to submit test scores. For this reason, the review process will be very similar for all applications. Xavier considers many things in this process including, but not limited to, strength of high school coursework, achievement in honors-level courses, grade trends, writing ability, co-curricular activities (including work and home responsibilities), and community involvement.

5. Are there any students who cannot apply test-optional?

Yes, the categories below require submission of ACT or SAT scores: 

  • Home-schooled students have additional considerations that can include SAT/ACT scores. For more information, check our home-schooled student page.
  • Students interested in the Early Acceptance Program with Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine (LECOM) must submit scores as part of the LECOM review, although they may be considered for test-optional admission to Xavier.  

6. Will I be considered for scholarships if I apply test-optional?

All admitted students will be considered for merit scholarships, regardless of test score submission. In addition, students can apply for all competitive scholarships without submitting test scores.

7. If I commit to Xavier, will I need to submit my ACT or SAT scores?

Yes, if you have taken the ACT or SAT, score submission is requested for research purposes, and will not impact your admission decision.