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With the newest Fall 2020 semester updates, classes will begin on Monday, August 17th which is a week earlier than originally planned. This will allow for all students to depart for Thanksgiving and complete finals remotely. Please know the entire Manresa Orientation Team and Residence Life is actively working to create a move-in and orientation plan that creates opportunities for appropriate social distancing to keep the entire Xavier family safe. This year will look different as we are developing new traditions to keep the health and safety of our entire community in mind. We understand your excitement to start planning for August, but please hold off until you hear from the Manresa Orientation Team and Residence Life for further plans and details. We are looking forward to welcoming you to campus in a safe and responsible way in August!

Our current proposed dates for Manresa 2020 will be held the week of the 10th. We will have further plans and updates regarding official dates and the move-in process soon.

Manresa 2020: The week of August 10th

What is Manresa?

SOCIAL CONNECTION: Manresa is your chance to connect with classmates, upper-class student leaders, and the campus community. You experience the program in a small group, which gives you the opportunity to create connections that may last for years to come. Manresa wouldn't be complete without our evening entertainment and social events including Playfair, Illusionist Craig Karges, and more!


ACADEMICS: Your Xavier academic experience kicks off during Manresa! You have the opportunity to attend academic focused interest sessions, meet with your academic advisor, and learn more about your intended major. You will also learn more about the First-Year Seminar, Goa First-Year Co-Curricular Program, and Peer Mentor Program.


IGNATIAN HERITAGE: We are proud of our strong Ignatian heritage, and during Manresa our goal is to introduce the tradition to you. In fact, the program is named for the town in Spain where Saint Ignatius Loyola, the founder of the Jesuit order, took time to reflect on his life: past, present, and future. Manresa gives you the opportunity to look back on your past, enjoy your present, and set goals for your future.


COMMUNITY: Xavier is a community with strong traditions and values. Manresa welcomes you to this community. You are now part of something bigger than yourself and we're glad you are here!



The Manresa Experience