Secondary Education

Secondary Education Programs FAQs

What programs are available in the Secondary Education program at Xavier?

  • We offer licensure for career-changing professionals (X-ALT)
  • We offer a graduate licensure program (see licensure areas below)
  • We offer a Master of Education in Secondary Education and a Master of Arts in English Education and History Education

What are the differences in these options?

  • The X-ALT program is specifically for professionals who have received a Bachelor’s degree in a licensure area, like English for example, but do not have a teaching license. It is a fast-track program that caters to candidates who are going into teaching as a second career. X-ALT students must pass the content area Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE) and take 8 courses (22 hours) + Student Teaching (9 hours).
  • The graduate licensure program is for candidates who do not have a Bachelor’s degree in a licensure content area. In this program they will take both content and education classes necessary for licensure. Licensure students’ Plan of Study will be determined by a transcript review, but will include passing the content area Ohio Assessment for Educators (OAE), taking any necessary content courses in your chosen licensure area, and taking 8 education courses (22 hours) + Student Teaching (9 hours).
  • The Master of Education in Secondary Education and both of the Master of Arts programs in English Education and History Education require 30 hours of graduate-level credit. The M.Ed. program requires 4 additional courses (9 hours) beyond the licensure course requirements. The M.A. programs require a core of 4 courses (9 hours) and 18 additional graduate-level elective hours in English or History, depending on the program.

What are the licensure areas?

  • Our Adolescent/Young Adult (AYA licensure areas include: Chemistry, Physics, Integrated Language Arts (English), Integrated Mathematics, Integrated Social Studies, Life Science, Life Science/Physics, Life Science/Chemistry, Physical Science, and Integrated Science
  • Our Multi-Age licensure areas include: French, German, Music, Spanish, Visual Art, and Theatre

What should I do if I am interested?

  • If you have access to your post-secondary transcripts (undergraduate + any graduate work), send to Dr. Jody Googins ( and share your desired goals. Sharing your transcripts will allow your next steps to be more productive and tailored to your needs.
  • Apply! We have rolling admissions, so you can apply for our programs at this link: Apply to Xavier. There is no fee to apply and there is no test requirement at this time. You will have to provide your official transcripts as well as other application requirements.

I got in! What now?

  • Follow the steps outlined in your admittance email from the graduate school.
  • Look for a communication soon from Dr. Googins about next steps and to receive more specific information about requirements and your courses.
  • If you are an X-ALT student, schedule your OAE in your content area or the ACTFL for World Languages.
If you have a time-sensitive question or a unique situation, reach out to Dr. Jody Googins for a Zoom or phone appointment

If you have any questions about the application process or about University processes, contact the Graduate School at or call directly (513) 745-3360.