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Off-Campus University-Sponsored Group Travel Guidelines

Effective Friday, Aug. 6, 2021, the University has approved updated off-campus University-sponsored group travel guidelines.

Due to the growing risks associated with COVID-19, all students participating in University-sponsored group domestic travel are required to be vaccinated. To clarify, a trip or travel experience is defined as either an overnight stay or travel that is beyond a 35-mile radius from campus (outside of Greater Cincinnati). This guideline does not apply to off-campus activities, defined as daytime and within Greater Cincinnati (35-mile radius).

A few examples to help differentiate:

  • Travel: Students attending an overnight retreat need to be vaccinated to participate, due to the overnight stay.
  • Off-Campus Activity: Students taking buses to a Reds game for a University-sponsored trip are not required to be vaccinated.
  • Travel: Students traveling with their Club Sport to compete at Ohio University need to be vaccinated to participate, due to traveling more than 35 miles away from campus.
  • Off-Campus Activity: Students going with a student organization to Top Golf for the evening are not required to be vaccinated.

The guidelines apply to both undergraduate and graduate student group-based activities for coursework, field experiences, and/or co-curricular activities, regardless of whether the activity is fully or partially funded by the University. The guidelines do not apply to individual student participation in internships, practicums, or learning experiences that may be beyond 35 miles of campus.

Please know some of the processes related to management and enforcement of these guidelines are still being updated and developed.


  • Trip organizers are responsible for communicating this information with any students who may be planning to participate in University-sponsored group domestic travel.
  • Trip organizers do not gather vaccination statuses or proof of vaccination from members of the organization. The University system for vaccination verification is Med+Proctor. Students have been informed that they are required to use Med+Proctor to either submit proof of vaccination or to complete a disclosure form if unvaccinated.
  • The Student Domestic Travel Itinerary Form is now open for submissions. Any group that intends to travel (overnight OR beyond the 35-mile radius) should complete the form at least 3 weeks prior to travel. The form must include an accurate and final list of participants along with their Banner IDs.
  • For any travel that involves booking airfare or hotel accommodations, the University recommends submitting a complete and accurate form much earlier. Travel-related expenses and/or reimbursements will not be honored if a trip and its travelers are not fully approved with vaccination statuses verified in advance. To be clear, if a group books travel prior to the trip being approved (and travelers' vaccination statuses verified by the University), the group will not be reimbursed.

Understandably, there may be some additional steps to the process of travel being approved. Additional information will be shared as soon as possible.

Vaccination Guidance

COVID vaccination is available with an appointment at Student Health Services at the HUB - schedule by calling 513-745-3022 option 3. TriHealth clinic has access to the Pfizer vaccine. Students can get their first and/or second shots of Pfizer at the HUB. View additional COVID-19 vaccine information.