COVID-19 Resource Center

Student Life

Outside of the classroom, Xavier provides students with transformative experiences that equip them to be successful on campus and after graduation. Through experiential learning we assist students as they identify their passions, develop a sense of purpose, and establish the skills necessary to make a difference.

Driven by our commitment to cura personalis, we provide support services to enhance students’ wellbeing and to allow them to take full advantage of the learning opportunities offered at Xavier. As in past years, we will continue to offer students a robust blend of engagement and support services. This year, nonetheless, we will modify how we engage students to promote a safe and healthy campus experience. Here are just a few examples of what to expect:

  • Xavier is deeply committed to community. A visible sign of that commitment this year will be masks. All students will be asked to exercise their commitment to community by taking all the steps necessary to promote their (and others’) health and wellbeing. In addition to requiring masks in most indoor spaces, we will ask students to avoid large (or compact) gatherings, and we will encourage a host of behaviors (e.g., health monitoring and hand washing) that will promote the safety and wellbeing of all members of our community.
  • Our first-in-class Manresa orientation program will continue to provide a dynamic experience that builds relationships amongst students, connects them to faculty and staff, and facilitates their ability to navigate the campus. This year we will ask students to bring only two family members or friends with them to move-in, and we will have fewer large group events. We will further utilize the pillar of this historic program, our Manresa Small Groups, to facilitate students’ integration into campus life.
  • Residence Life is a space where students forge many of their deepest friendships, build community and develop mentoring relationships with their RAs and Hall Directors. This year we are taking steps to minimize our hall density by removing triples and quads, nonetheless, we will continue follow our standard approach to Residence Life, two students to a first-year room.
  • For our commuter students, the Commuter Services program will continue to engage with them and assist them in making Xavier their home-away-from-home.
  • One dimension of the campus experience that makes Xavier so special is community service and student clubs and organizations (we have over 160!). Student leaders will, as always, invite first-year students into these dynamic organizations and activities. While student activities will be characterized by social distancing and other health promoting behaviors, students will continue to build a tight knit community, while exploring their interests.
  • Recreational Sports, including their intramural, club sports and fitness programs, got a beautiful, new, state-of-the-art home last year in the Health United Building, which is currently scheduled to reopen on Monday, August 17. This year there will be plenty of opportunities for fitness and sports, but we will space out our machines and equipment, limit contact sports, have fewer fitness courses, and utilize cleaning protocols to keep users healthy. Read more about Recreational Sports' plans for returning to campus.
  • As a Jesuit and Catholic University, with a commitment to religious diversity, we will continue to provide religious services to students on campus. We will have in-person daily Catholic masses, several larger outdoor services over the course of the semester, and we will stream Sunday masses. Protestant services, Jum’ah and other religious services and engagement opportunities will continue to be available – sometimes in-person and occasionally online. 
  • Student wellbeing services are a hallmark of the Xavier experience. We provide counseling, disability and health services through our partnership with TriHealth, a leading regional health-care provider that allows us to offer students best-in-class collegiate health services. In addition to regular medical services, we are partnering with TriHealth to provide our COVID-19 testing, treatment and tracing services. Active virus testing will be available to students on campus at Student Health Services. We have identified residential space to appropriately separate students needing isolation due to the virus.  Students in quarantine will have access to comprehensive support resources, including the ability to maintain their academic engagement remotely.