COVID-19 Resource Center

Mask Information

Masks are not required in public, indoor spaces like classrooms and common areas. While masks are not required indoors, all community members are welcome to continue wearing a mask.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are masks available for those who would like to continue wearing one?

A limited supply of KN95 masks and N95 masks are available for pick-up at Flynn Hall and the Gallagher Student Center Welcome Desk for community members with concerns about COVID-19.


Are there any spaces on campus where a mask is still required?

Masks are required to be worn in Xavier Health Services at the HUB. Health Services is operated by TriHealth and follows requirements for medical settings.

Individuals who have a medical condition that makes them more susceptible to infection and serious disease may seek an ADA accommodation from the Office of Human Resources, which could include a requirement that students wear a mask in their class or office.


Are unvaccinated community members required to wear a mask in public, indoor spaces?

Unvaccinated students and employees are encouraged, but not required, to wear a mask in public, indoor spaces. The COVID-19 Dashboard highlights that over 95% of the Xavier community is vaccinated. Unvaccinated students with an approved religious exemption are required to participate in surveillance testing. Unvaccinated employees are required to participate in weekly COVID-19 testing.


Are individual faculty able to require or request masks to be worn in their class?

No, faculty and staff are not able to operate separately from University policy.