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Last updated on Monday, Apr. 12.

Total Positive Active Cases is a running total (cumulative) of all confirmed positive COVID-19 cases on a given date, minus any cases that are no longer active. This number provides a snapshot of how prevalent COVID-19 is currently in our campus community. Dates refer to the date of test, so information may be updated retroactively as test results become available. Once individuals are confirmed positive, they are in isolation.

The Total Positive Active Cases dashboard includes data from the last ten days and is updated regularly. The dashboard is not live data and reflects a 1-2 day delay. Case information is gathered from cases of students and employees tested at Student Health Services. In addition, any cases involving students or employees that are reported to Human Resources or the Dean of Students will be included, so long as the name, testing status and testing location can be confirmed.


Student Quarantine Status

Xavier continues a proactive quarantining practice; a single positive case can lead to a number of individuals in quarantine who may be on or off campus. This is a protective strategy for our dense residential community. Students in quarantine are not positive cases for COVID-19. Students in quarantine are either awaiting test results, a close contact of an individual who has tested positive, or a roommate of an on-campus student designated as a close contact. View Xavier’s Testing, Treatment, and Tracing plans, including detailed information on quarantine and isolation. Total Positive Active Cases does not include students in quarantine; once individuals are confirmed positive, they are in isolation instead of quarantine.

As of Monday, April 5, there are 4 students in quarantine on campus (4 in their campus residence and 0 in designated quarantine space) and 54 students in quarantine off campus. Last updated on Tuesday, April 6. This information will be updated weekly on Tuesdays and Fridays.


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Employees include all full-time and part-time employees. Employees does not include student workers, contractors, or third-party workers. 

Students On Campus

Students who are currently either isolated or in quarantine on campus includes students at designated campus locations or in their own campus housing location. This number includes students in University Station who are in a Xavier housing contract.

Students Off Campus

Student who are currently either isolated or in quarantine off campus includes students at their local off-campus address, at a nearby residential location, or at their permanent address.



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