Public Honors

University Committee on Public Honors

Award Descriptions

St. Francis Xavier Medal

Recognizes outstanding individuals who, through their lives and endeavors, exemplify the qualities that made Francis Xavier a saint of action, courage, daring and imagination; and who have manifested high moral principles in their professional lives.

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Honorary Degree

Recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions in a vocation, well above the normal expectations; outstanding contributions to Xavier University; outstanding contributions to society through involvement in governmental, philanthropy, or social and civic affairs at the local, state, national, or international level; outstanding contribution in any area of endeavor well beyond expectations.

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Charles P. Gallagher Leadership Medallion

Is given to recognize exceptional individuals for leadership accomplishments of the highest distinction in their field or professional career i.e. medicine, law, education, science, government and public service, business or other fields who have contributed to the betterment of society and who exemplify the values and mission of Xavier University.

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Paul L. O'Connor Award

Recognizes an individual who has served Xavier University in extraordinary ways, and whose life and work exemplify the spirituality of Ignatius as lived by Paul L. O'Connor, a spiritual style that embodies a blend of humanism, pragmatism, and service.

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Distinguished Alumnus(a) Award

Recognizes a Xavier Alumnus(a) who has given outstanding service to the University and/or society and whose life reflects Jesuit morals and ethical values.

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Founders Day Award

For outstanding commitment to Xavier and dedicated service to the community.

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Athletic Hall of Fame

Honors student-athletes and other individuals closely connected with Xavier's athletic program. Honorees will have made outstanding contributions to their sport and/or Xavier's athletic program and exhibited exemplary sportsmanship and character.

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Magis Award

Recognizes a Xavier undergraduate alumnus (ae) who, within 15 years of graduation, has achieved a high degree of excellence and embodies Jesuit morals and ethical values in his/her life.

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