The APA accredited Doctor of Psychology (Psy.D. in clinical psychology) program is rooted in Xavier's strong commitment to the service  of others (APA Office of Program Consultation and Accreditation, 750 First Street, NE; Washington   DC 20002-4242, Phone 202-336-5979). Accordingly, the program is designed to educate students to become skilled general practitioners of clinical psychology, involved in a variety of ways in the delivery of services. Ethics and values play a significant role in the program.

Clinical Experiences

First Year
Students start by taking courses in the basic science of psychology, psychological assessment and basic interviewing.

Second Year
Students take six hours in Professional Development and Practicum. These class sessions are under the supervision of a clinical faculty member. Training takes place in the program utilizing observation rooms, video and audio equipment, and live and taped presentations. This format allows students to participate in a variety of activities that further expose them to what takes place in actual clinical settings.

Third Year
Students expand upon the skills learned during the second year, apply for practicum placements in applied settings, and work with the professional staff. Students also share their practicum experiences in group seminars supervised by faculty members. This experience further emphasizes the development of appropriate professional behavior and ethics in the workplace.

Fourth Year
Students expand their clinical/professional skills through advanced practicum experiences. The program enjoys well-established relationships with the staffs of many agencies in the greater Cincinnati area. Also, the on-campus Psychological Services Center is utilized to provide clinical training experiences for students.

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