Physics and Engineering Department

Dr. Marco Fatuzzo

Professor, Physics and Engineering Department

My research in physics involves the theoretical study of astronomical phenomena. Although my interests in this field are quite broad, I have focused most of my efforts primarily in the subfields of high-energy astrophysics and star formation.  My main focus in the the area of high-energy astrophysics has been on the study of particle acceleration and transport mechanisms and the resulting high-energy radiative signatures at play in gamma-ray bursts, the galactic center, and in molecular cloud regions that are being impacted by expanding supernova remnants.   My main focus in the area of star formation has been on the study of molecular cloud structure, ambipolar diffusion, core collapse, embedded cluster dynamics and environments, and radiative enrichment of protostellar disks. 


  • PhD, Northwestern University
  • BA, Saint Olaf College

Awards, Honors, Certifications

  • Provost Recognition of Exemplary Service, Xavier, 2014
  • Center for Teaching Excellence Faculty in Residence, Xavier, 2011
  • Joan G. McDonald Outstanding Teacher in Science Award, Xavier, 2003
  • College of Science Distinguished Teaching Award, U. of Arizona, 1999
  • Vulcan Materials Company Teaching Excellence Award, Wesleyan, 1997
  • NASA Compton Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Michigan, 1992-1994