Peace & Justice Studies is a rapidly developing area of academic study which, from a variety of disciplines, examines:

  • issues of peace, social justice, and ecological sustainability 
  • the causes and consequences of war and social conflict
  • the requirements for peace and methods of conflict transformation
  • the ethics of violence and nonviolence
  • strategies and practices for fostering a more just, peaceful, and sustainable world

Xavier's Peace & Justice Studies minor is a fifteen hour interdisciplinary program compatible with any undergraduate major. Requirements for the minor consist of the Challenge of Peace seminar (THEO 345/POLI 344) and four electives chosen from more than 90 course options .  For a list of current electives and more details about the program, please contact Dr. John Sniegocki, director of the Peace & Justice Studies minor, at 513-745-3287 or

Peace & Justice Studies draws on a wide range of academic subjects including history, theology, political science, international affairs, literature, social work, psychology, economics, gender and diversity studies, the natural sciences, and others.


Helpful links

Below are a few websites with useful information related to the field of Peace & Justice Studies: - website of Fr. Ben Urmston, S.J. - Fr. Ben was involved in founding the Peace Studies minor at Xavier in the early 1980s and for many years was director of Peace & Justice Programs.  His website contains resources on a wide array of topics related to peace, justice, ecology, and Ignatian spirituality.