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Why Xavier’s Direct Entry MSN Degree Program?

Are you looking to start a new career as a leader in the field of nursing? Xavier University’s accelerated second degree direct entry Master of Science in Nursing program (MIDAS) is an in-person program designed to prepare students who have bachelor's degrees in non-nursing fields of study to become registered nurses—no BSN required.

Perfect for Career Changers - No BSN Required

Xavier’s Direct Entry MSN degree program offers comprehensive training, paving the way for you to become a registered nurse. Learn how to provide expert care and patient advocacy through clinical experiences and rigorous courses in ethics, psychiatric nursing, family nursing, adult medical-surgical nursing, pharmacology and more.

Excellent Preparation for the NCLEX-RN Exam

By the end of this 20-month, full-time program, you’ll be awarded a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree and be eligible to sit for the National Council Licensing Exam-Registered Nurse (NCLEX-RN) exam. You’ll also be prepared to sit for the Holistic Nurse Certification (HNC) and the Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) Certification Examination upon passing the NCLEX exam.

Xavier University, located in Cincinnati, Ohio, is nationally recognized as a top university by U.S. News & World ReportThe Princeton Review and Forbes.


MSN Admission

Xavier offers admission to the MIDAS program to qualified applicants on a rolling basis. Although the program begins each fall semester prospective students may apply to the program year-round. It is encouraged to apply early, particularly if evaluation and guidance for prerequisite coursework are necessary. Once all materials are in our committee will review and make a decision.

Please note: A past felony or misdemeanor conviction may result in disqualification for the state licensure examination (as outlined in Section 4723.28 of the Ohio Revised Code).

Info Sessions

The College of Nursing would like to invite you to a Question and Answer Information session regarding the Accelerated, Direct Entry, Second Degree, Pre-Licensure MSN MIDAS program.

The MSN MIDAS program is a pre-licensure nursing program that was created for those who have earned a Bachelor degree in a major other than nursing who wish to become a registered nurse. The sessions will provide an opportunity for you to meet with the Director of the MSN MIDAS program and other Faculty and Staff members to ask questions that you may have regarding the program.

Information sessions are coming soon! 


The curriculum for Xavier’s MIDAS program builds upon your previous non-nursing-related experiences by equipping you with the skills and knowledge needed to provide quality, patient-centered care.

Integrating both traditional, didactic coursework and clinical practicums, the accelerated MSN program trains you in a range of disciplines, including family and adult nursing, pharmacology, pathophysiology and psychiatric nursing. You receive thorough training in the theoretical foundations of nursing, research methodologies and the ethics of the nursing profession.

Additionally, each semester, you participate in practicums designed to hone your clinical skills and put your classroom knowledge into practice. These immersive learning experiences are integral to your development as a medical professional and help you make vital connections within the field.

Lastly, to refine your nursing approach, you undergo professional development courses that strengthen your management skills and leadership approaches and help you better understand the diverse populations you serve as a healthcare worker.


  • NURS 550 - Nursing Perspectives I............ 3cr.
  • NURS 501 - Theoretical Bases for Nursing Practice............ 3cr.
  • NURS 502 - Nursing Research............ 3cr.
  • NURS 552 - Art and Science of Nursing............ 4cr.
  • NURS 553 - Art and Science of Nursing Practicum............ 2cr.
  • NURS 554 - Essentials of Pathophysiology............ 3cr.


  • NURS 560 - Nursing Perspectives II............ 3cr.
  • NURS 562 - Art and Science of Family Nursing............ 4cr.
  • NURS 563 - Art and Science of Family Nursing Practicum............ 2cr.
  • NURS 564 - Art and Science of Adult Nursing............ 4cr.
  • NURS 565 - Art and Science of Adult Nursing Practicum............ 2cr.


  • NURS 650 - Art and Science of Advanced Nursing............ 6cr.
  • NURS 651 - Art and Science of Advanced Nursing Practicum............ 3cr.
  • NURS 652 - Art and Science of Psychiatric Nursing............ 2cr.
  • NURS 653 - Art and Science of Psychiatric Nursing Practicum............ 1cr.
  • NURS 654 - Advanced Pharmacology............ 2cr.
  • NURS 656 - Advanced Pathophysiology............ 2cr.


  • NURS 750 - Nursing Perspectives III............ 3cr.
  • NURS 864 - Epidemiologic Methods in Health Care............ 3cr.
  • NURS 752 - Community Nursing/Public Health Policy............ 4cr.
  • NURS 753 - Community Nursing/Public Health Policy Practicum............ 2cr.
  • NURS 754 - Management Concepts............ 3cr.


  • NURS 850 - Nursing Perspectives IV............ 3cr.
  • NURS 500 - Health Care Ethics for Nursing Leaders............ 3cr.
  • NURS 857 - Leadership Practicum & Scholarly Project............ 6cr.
  • NURS 854 - Advanced Informatics............ 3cr.

Tuition and Fees

At Xavier, we understand that pursuing your graduate degree is a major investment, and we’re here to support you through financing your MSN. With competitive tuition rates and a full range of financial aid offerings and resources, you can earn your degree affordably.

The MIDAS program requires 79 semester hours. Tuition cost is per credit hour unless otherwise stated.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Receive a CCNE-Accredited Nursing Education

Five Xavier nursing students in navy blue scrubs write on paper in a clinical setting

To ensure our nursing students receive comprehensive and up-to-date training, Xavier’s nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE) and approved by the Ohio Board of Nursing (OBN). Proudly, Xavier University is one of only 17 schools endorsed nationally by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation (AHNCC).

Strengthen Your Expertise Through Clinical Rotations

Two Xavier students learn bedside care from a nursing instructor in a nursing simulation lab

At Xavier, we believe students learn best in the field. That’s why we maintain close agreements with more than 30 healthcare agencies in the Greater Cincinnati area. Through this rich, expansive network of partners, our nursing students receive some of the top-tier clinical placements of any nursing school in Ohio.

Learn in Leading-Edge Simulation Labs

students in a nursing simulation laboratory learning to provide care

In preparation for clinical experiences, nursing students begin their studies in Xavier's state-of-the-art clinical simulation laboratories. Using human patient simulators, students participate in challenging, real-life scenarios, which empowers them with the applied skills and confidence to care for real patients.

Career Outlook for MSN–Educated Nurses

With growing community health needs, competent, MSN-educated nurses are in high demand. Over the next decade, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a six percent increase in the employment of registered nurses, which translates into an estimated 203,200 new job openings each year.

With a new wave of nurses entering the field, healthcare organizations look to well-educated professionals who have the skills to provide patients with quality care and take on leadership roles to ensure facilities remain efficient and organized. 

By obtaining your MSN degree, you have the clinical experience and the advanced professional development required to assume leadership positions like a nursing manager or director. According to PayScale, nurses in these positions earn an average income of $111,896 and $100,999, respectively.

Direct Entry MSN Program (MIDAS) at Xavier University

Xavier University’s accelerated MSN program helps you make the career switch to nursing by delivering intensive training, hands-on experience and professional development. At the end of the program, you graduate ready to enter the healthcare industry and provide holistic care to patients of all backgrounds. Build your clinical skills and become a part of promoting community health and wellness by enrolling in Xavier’s direct entry Master of Science in Nursing program.

Xavier University’s College of Nursing prepares undergraduate and graduate students as professional nurses to meet the needs of diverse populations in an ever-changing, highly technical health-care environment. Graduates have the skills to practice nursing today and to be nurse leaders tomorrow in holistic health-care delivery with an educational foundation grounded in Jesuit values. Our graduates are well-respected in the health-care community as knowledgeable, professional, and ethical and prepared to excel in meeting challenges in health-care delivery. Xavier’s Nursing programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education and endorsed by the American Holistic Nurses Credentialing Corporation.

Xavier University is a private university located in Cincinnati, Ohio, providing a liberal arts education in the Jesuit Catholic tradition. Founded in 1831, the University is the sixth-oldest Catholic university in the nation. It has been ranked among the top 10 master's-level universities in the Midwest by U.S. News & World Report for the past two decades. The Princeton Review names it one of the "Best 385 Colleges in America."