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Q:At what age may my child enroll?

The Xavier Montessori Lab School offers programs for children between the ages of three and twelve. Children should be three years old by September 30th and must be toilet trained.

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Q:Is there an application fee?

A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 payable to Xavier University Montessori Lab School is required with the application.  This is a one-time fee.  If we are unable to enroll your child in the AY requested, we will move your child to the next school year with no additional fee if you choose to do remain on the waiting list.

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Q:When does the enrollment process take place?

Interviews are scheduled in February/March for enrollment for the following year.  They are scheduled in chronological order according to the date of application and payment of application fee.

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Q:What are the criteria for acceptance?

Acceptance is based on consideration to the classroom community.  Children are accepted until all openings are filled.  During the application process, each prospective pupil, along with his/her parents, is required to visit and be interviewed by a school staff member. 

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Q:What is required of the parents before the application process begins?

It is mandatory that parents of the children observe the Lab School before the application process begins. We ask that young children not attend the observation. 

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Q:Is there a bus service for the children?

Yellow Bus Service is not available to children who reside within the Cincinnati Public School district. Class lists are provided by the school, so that those desiring to form car pools may do so.

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Q:Do children bring their lunch?

Parents of preprimary children are asked to provide a healthy and nutritious snack on a rotating basis.  Kindergarten and Elementary I & II children bring their own lunches. The Montessori Lab School is a nut free community and is sensitive to the allergies of its students.

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Q:Are scholarships available?

Limited scholarship assistance is available in the form of tuition reduction and is based on the financial need of the family.

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Q:Is Child Care available before and after school?

 Yes.  Child Care is available to all children enrolled in the Montessori Lab School.  It may be used on a part-time and full-time basis and should be coordinated with the Childcare Director.  Registration forms are distributed once the child has been accepted into the program.  This is not included in tuition.

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Q:Is Child Care included in the tuition costs?

No.  There is an additional charge. See Extended Care Registration/Rates

The Child Care program is licensed by the Ohio Department of Human Services, and is directed by an adult teacher with staff assistance from college students who are enrolled in the Montessori Teacher Education Program.  The children remain on the school premises for this program and are provided a wide range of activities that correlate with the Montessori curriculum.

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