Montessori Conversations

033 The History of Montessori and Music

In this episode we learn about the history of music in the Montessori philosophy, from Maria Montessori's initial exploration, to her work with colleagues, to the role of music today and beyond.

Guest: Mike Flohr

Michael Flohr, MEd is Montessori Initiative Coordinator, level coordinator for elementary one and two and Adjunct Professor for the Xavier University Montessori Institute (XUMI), helping the students and staff of XUMI to achieve the Institute’s Mission to Educate and Transform. 

Before joining Xavier University, Mike worked for Jefferson County Public Schools (Louisville, KY) as Montessori Curriculum Coordinator/Consultant for three and as Montessori Curriculum & Administrative Consultant to Montessori Private and Public Charter schools. After a successful twenty three year career in education as well as providing professional development to teachers in conference and school settings, he now engages adult learners as part of the Montessori Teacher Education Program faculty. 


Mike enjoys reading historical fiction and social gardening. 

Guest Contact Information:

phone: (513)745-3419