Montessori Conversations

Montessori Conversations Podcast

Welcome to Montessori Conversations, a podcast where we explore the world of Montessori one conversation at a time. Our goal is to share what is new in the field, dive into specific aspects of the world of Montessori and talk to experts in the field. 

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Montessori Conversations is brought to you by a grant from Xavier Women of Excellence.

Jill Segerman

Jill Segerman is the manager of instructional design and technology at Xavier University with a background in early childhood education and video production. She is also an avid podcast enthusiast.

Julie Kugler-Ackley

Julie Kugler-Ackley is a Senior Teaching Professor at the Xavier University Montessori Teacher Education Program and teaches courses and is the Field Placement coordinator for Xavier’s Montessori Teacher Education program and the online Montessori Master of Education. Julie enjoys reading, attending community arts and music events, discovering new restaurants and traveling.