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Pope Francis Presentation 2017

The 4th Annual Pope Francis Presentation
Honoring the 4th anniversary of his March 13, 2013 election

An Ignatian Discussion on Immigration

We must never forget....that migrants, rather than simply being
a statistic, are first of all persons who have faces, names and individual stories ~Pope Francis

Tuesday, February 28
Noon-1:15, Justice Hall Conference Room
Facilitated by Dr Christine Anderson
Professor of History and The Conway Faculty Fellow

Pre-reading materials = An Ignatian Discussion On Immigration

Cincinnati has been the locus of migrants and immigrants since the nineteenth century, enriching the city's culture but sometimes resulting in friction and hostility. Examining historical examples of diversity allows discussants to reflect on issues that affect us today without invoking contentious catch phrases. By interrogating texts and artifacts related to experiences of migration, participants can retrace Ignatius's footsteps, moving outward "both to share and to learn" while more deeply committing to the common good in a diverse, complex and interdependent society.