It's On X

The mission of It’s On X is to drive Xavier’s power and gender-based violence prevention education efforts. In support of Xavier’s mission to create and maintain a welcoming, inclusive, and equitable campus climate, we provide opportunities for learning and developing student leaders into change agents at Xavier and beyond.


Our initiatives foster the development and understanding of:

  • Cura Personalis
  • Reflection
  • Solidarity and Kinship
  • People for and with Others
  • Forming and Educating Agents for Change

We call all members of our campus community, regardless of sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, or status, to stand up against stalking, dating/domestic violence, sexual assault, and sexual harassment, and contribute to creating a campus that is free from all forms of violence.


No one has to do everything. But we can all do something. The time for change is NOW.



To request a power and gender-based violence prevention education program, including bystander engagement, healthy relationships, and sexual violence prevention, please contact:

Advocacy and Prevention Coordinator Susan Pelle: 513-745-2866

Center for Diversity and Inclusion Assistant Director Maria Merrill: 513-745-1029

Title IX Program Director Talia Tuesta: 513-745-2841

Strategies on bystander engagement for power and gender-based violence.